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Multi GI 5 Reviews

Find out why people love Unify Health Multi GI 5! Below are real customer reviews of Multi GI 5. Click on this link to read all Unify Health reviews.

Read Multi GI 5 Customer Reviews

It really WORKS!

I am on my 2nd canister and when I weighted this am I have dropped below my target number! I feel great and at 68 have the energy to work full time.


ZERO sugar cravings!

Great product! I was hesitant but decided to trust Randy’s recommendation. Glad I did! It took about two weeks to notice the changes. What I have noticed to a huge reduction in bloating (most days zero bloating), regularity. I still crave sugar but I have noticed a reduction in sugar cravings. I won’t go without this product even though it is pricey. I just finished my first jar…I feel so much better since using this product daily. I plan to try the digestive enzymes next (multi digest 6).

Marissa V


I have been having that issues for the longest I have taken so many different products that didn’t help finally after one week on the product I am seeing a change.

Victoria Gallardo

Excellent product. Have more energy and digestion system is working well.

Lisa Hayes

It’s wonderful!

Tastes great and I can eat foods that I haven’t been able to eat in years… So happy I tried this.

Pat Y

2 Days New User

On my first day I really paid attention to food cravings sweet cravings throughout the whole day. Also during the night and I have to admit this product work Wonderful for me. I did not crave any sweets and I’m a big sweet eater I’m more of a snack eater . No lie I had a bowl of Raisin Bran for breakfast and for lunch at ate lunch around 3pm I had some chicken tenderloin and some salad and water and that was it but I was a greedy Gretchen and ate ice cream just because . I didn’t have any Cravings for it I didn’t have any desires of eating it and on my part it is very psychological just because I had it in the fridge I ate it. I did not crave it the second day the same thing no cravings nothing and the product did not hurt my stomach and I found adding cold water will take away some of the taste so if some people don’t care for the taste of it it helps out a lot and maybe it helps with the digestive system as well I’m not a doctor to say but it helped me so far. Everything is going great I have no complaints. (FYI I had 2 BM the first day second 1 normal)😊


Excellent product for the gut

I had my gallbladder removed Iin December 2019 and have been using the GI-5 since then and if it great, I’ve used other good probiotics but this is more of a complete product. My daily routine of movements have been restored and with ease. I’m not usually a full reviewer but this product is worth it!

E Hamilton

Wonderful product multi gl 5

Wonderful product. Curbs my appetite just as Randy stated. I have more energy to exercise. Keeps me regular.

Eunice Morgan


I love this product…Going to the bathroom is now so much easier. I do not feel bloated. I am recommending it to friends

Cyndi Elsner

Feelin good…inside & out! 👍

Adding Multi-GI 5 to my lite lemonade has become the favorite part of my day.
It’s refreshing, tasty and my digestion has never been so fine tuned.
I have energy galore, I no longer needlessly binge eat and the biggest perk is the seemingly effortless weight loss. Thanks Randy & Unify Health Labs!!!! 🤗

Michelle McGee

Multi gi 5

While I was hoping to lose weight with this, after 60 days, I have not yet (hence the 4 stars). BUT I am a lifelong sugar addict, especially chocolate. I have tried quitting sugar so many times, and I can survive two weeks, MAX. While drinking the Multi-GI5 each morning, I do not have the cravings! I have gone 2 months now without the sweets I have been addicted to my entire life! The bloating has decreased, too. I am ordering another several months worth today. I can only imagine the weight loss will come, without all the unhealthy sugars in my diet. I certainly feel healthier!

– Gwen

Promotes healthy digestion!

Within a few days of drinking Multi-GI5 my digestion sped up and I felt healthier.

Tere Collazo

Lost 10lbs

After using this consistently for 3 months my digestive issues are much better and I finally started losing weight.



I’ve tried several different products like this and have found this one to not only be highly effective but actually tastes really good. I noticed that I had steady energy all day. I even noticed that I could stay up a little later than I usually could. I’m sleeping great and encouraged by the results so far. I think I will purchase this product again.

Sarah Peter

it actually works

i am writing this review because i am actually ready to order again.

Valarie Cardone

good stuff

So far
i’m thrilled with the products. hoping i will loose some more weight

Kim Alhassan

More Energy

No more heart burning, Eating less junk food .

Sandra B

Almost a month

I have been taking the product almost a month. It makes you go to the bathroom, for sure. My energy nor my cravings have change so I’m going to continue with my product. I purchase for 3 months. I will return once I complete it all and let you know.

Lisa L Bell


Its amazing how much my stomach went down i can’t believe it and the regularity is awesome!!!! I have more engery and i’m not slugghish anymore and more focus and after jst one month using the product. So happy with the results this Multi- GI 5 is added to my daily regimen.Feel great!!! And look great.

Rosalind Taylor

New user!

I just start using the product my craving for sweet are way down and I have great energy!

Delores Franklin

it works

i love this product

joellar kennard

I can tell a difference in my energy level. It’s definitely up. I’m not staying hungry like I was either.



In reference to the product… I have relief from the discomfort of bloating and constipation along with belly discomfort. It is AMAZINGLY UNBELIEVABLE!!! I never allow myself to get sucked into the “come ons” of products on Facebook or cable tv. For some reason, I decided to watch the infovid on this product that Randy was promoting. I’m glad I did! I’m happy, in fact very pleased with the results of this product.

However, I feel compelled to express my further admiration and respect for this company. Upon receiving my 3 jar order of Multi-G 5, I found two jars broken. I immediately called in the issue and the young lady who took care of me apologized and said she would send out replacements as soon as possible. When I asked if she wanted pictures or for me to return the product, she politely said no.

The following week I received the replacements and again, found a broken jar. I repeated the process calling in, reporting the problem and again, was politely and courteously told replacement is on the way. Next, not only did I receive my product the following week as promised, but to my surprise two days after my call I found an unexpected full refund deposited back into my account from my original purchase! I never asked for the refund. I did not get angry or complain when I called, in fact I felt sorry for them because after working several years in shipping and delivery…

No one treats customers with this kind of integrity and respect these days. This is Old School Customer Service! The way it should still be. Because of this respectful service, I am promoting this company beside the product and that’s why I will continue to patronize them.

Thank you.

Mary Ann

Mary Ann

Good so far….new user.c

I like the taste…it is my mid morning drink at work. It’s early, but I think it may be helping control my bad snacking habits. I am working hard on cutting sugar in my diet. I’m going to stay with it.

Sally Malecki


This product seems to be working for now but only time will tell if it helps the way I hoped it will.

Melvin McIntyre

I am on my second bottle, and I tell you i am happy that i decided to invest in myself.. Though all the gas isn’t gone.. I am less bloated and can feel the assist of this product along with eating properly.. i look forward to keeping it up.. iI was hesitating to buy it but i am glad I did.

LaTrella Muhammad

First timer

Its good at suppressing my appetite and it really gives a boost of energy.

Mark Sevilla

Love everything about this product

My husband and I love it so much! Not as hungry and the taste is fantastic!!!!

Lee Searcy

Project Manager

Finally something that works for my tummy. I wish that I could get on automatic shipments of this product!!

Debra Chalk

Its a great product. The biggest difference I have notice is the food craving not occurring. Im a big snacker so with quarantine going on this product will save you from eating everything you see in the house.

Jaquera W

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gut Health and How Does Multi-GI 5 Play a Role?

When Randy Jackson decided to transform his health for the better, he found that great gut health led to better overall health. When the experts say “gut health,” they’re referring to the structural health of your digestive tract and the function and balance of microorganisms that call it home.

Let’s talk about those microorganisms for a minute. Your gut is host to trillions of strains of bacteria – some good and some bad. A healthy gut contains a balance of both types. When your gut is unbalanced, you may experience these telltale signs of digestive discomfort: low energy levels, gas, bloating, weight gain, or other issues.1

A balanced gut contains plenty of healthy gut bacteria that help your body digest food, communicate with the brain, and maintain an optimal sense of wellness.2

To maintain a favorable balance in your gut, it helps to support the good bacteria so they can grow and thrive. Multi-GI 5 can do just that.

What Is Multi-GI 5?

Multi-GI 5 is a comprehensive dietary supplement that supports gut health by bolstering the good bacteria in your gut. It does this in three important ways: by offering prebiotics, probiotics, and a GI Health blend in one product.*

Probiotics are the good bacteria living in your gut. Taking them in the Multi-GI 5 supplement adds to the supply in your body. Prebiotics are fiber-rich superfoods that feed probiotics. And our unique GI Health blend includes effective ingredients that may help soothe occasional discomfort while supporting the lining of your digestive tract.3†*

How Does It Work?

Unify Health Labs Multi-GI 5 is packed with 3 ultra-powerful blends that support optimal gut health:

A probiotic blend made of five “good” bacteria strains: Lactobacillus gasseri, Bacillus coagulans, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus casei, and Lactobacillus plantarum. These strains help support the good bacteria that is already in your microbiome.4†

A prebiotic fiber blend feeds and strengthens the probiotics you’re adding to your body. Studies show that taking a prebiotic along with a probiotic may help make them more effective.5†

A GI Health blend helps enhance the bioavailability of the nutrients, which means your body can access them more easily. Increased bioavailability leads to a faster-acting product. It may also help soothe occasional gastrointestinal discomfort and support a healthy gut lining.6†*

Is Multi-GI 5 Quality-Checked?

Quality is our number one priority here at Unify Health Labs™. That’s why all of our formulas go through rigorous testing for quality, purity, and potency at an independent, third-party facility.</p?

We stand behind our products 100%. We proudly offer a 90-day Total Satisfaction or Your-Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not thrilled with your results for any reason, contact our customer service team, and we’ll refund your purchase price — no questions asked.

Where Do I Buy Multi-GI 5?

You can buy all Unify Health Products – including the Multi-GI 5 supplement with its prebiotics, probiotics, and GI Health blend – on the Unify Health Labs™ website.

There, you’ll also find educational resources that can support you on your journey of supporting your digestive health. You can also check out Multi-GI 5 customer reviews and Unify Health user reviews on each of our products.

*All individuals are unique. As such, your results can and will vary.