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September 23, 2021, is the inaugural “National Go With Your Gut Day.” If you’ve seen this news pop up in your feed, or you’ve spotted #GoWithYourGut all over social media, you may be wondering what this new holiday is all about.

“Go With Your Gut Day” isn’t asking you to use your intuition, harness your psychic powers, or make a decision. Nope, this day was started by music legend and founder of Unify Health Labs Randy Jackson to raise awareness about the importance of your “gut,” i.e. the collection of organs and bacteria known as your digestive system.

UnifyHolidayLogos 13 | Unify HealthIf you don’t normally start your day thinking about your digestive system, you’re not alone. Many of us just don’t put much thought into it unless something seems unbalanced or “off.” But as it turns out, your gut can influence A LOT of your body’s systems beyond just digestion – from your skin to your joints, your heart, your emotional well-being, and your brain health, too.

Did you know that a healthy gut can actually influence your behavior, support immunity, affect your weight, and so much more? Surprising, no?1,2,3,4

Randy Jackson discovered the wonders of gut health for himself after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and began his own transformative health journey. The health advice he ran into seemed complex and confusing – but it kept leading back to the gut. But what did gut health have to do with his condition? By doing his own research and talking to nutritionists, physicians, and health experts, this idea that “mental and physical health starts in the gut” really solidified.

Randy started “Go With Your Gut Day” to spread this gospel, if you will. The goal is to not only bring awareness, but also challenge people to commit to better gut health. So, how do you support your gut health?

Here Are Randy’s Top Three Gut Health Tips You Can Start Today:

go with your gut day | Unify Health

  • Eat more fiber. Fiber is known as a “prebiotic,” and it helps support the growth of your body’s good bacteria. Try to eat prebiotic foods, including oats and green bananas, daily. You can also add a prebiotic supplement, like Unify Multi-Fiber shake, to your daily smoothie.
  • Floss your teeth. Your mouth has a microbiome too, and (believe it or not) it directly influences your gut. The cleaner your mouth is, the healthier your gut is.
  • Each less sugar and fewer carbs. Refined sugar and carbohydrates feed the bad bacteria in your gut, which can cause an imbalance. It’s best to skip packaged and processed foods – stick to whole foods whenever you can, and try to eat at least one big leafy salad a day.

Here’s A Recipe For A Delicious Smoothie That Can Help Support Gut Health:

Randy Jackson’s Go With Your Gut Smoothie

go with your gut day | Unify Health1 scoop of Unify Multi GI-5 (optional)
¼ cup almond milk, unsweetened
¼ piece of fresh ginger
½ green apple
1 tbsp hemp seeds
½ tbsp lemon juice
½ cup packed fresh spinach
4-5 whole strawberries
1 whole unripe banana
¼ cup nonfat Greek or non-dairy yogurt (optional)
½ cup ice

Throw all the ingredients in the blender, top with ice, and blend. Add water if necessary, and blend again to achieve your desired consistency.

Get Involved With #GoWithYourGut Day On Social Media

(And You Just May Meet Randy Jackson Himself!):

Leading up to September 23, Unify Health Labs is hosting a giveaway where 10 winners will receive an assortment of Unify Health Labs products. One lucky participant will win a special virtual meet-and-greet with Randy!

To enter and follow along, check out Randy’s Unify Health Labs Instagram account (@unifyhealthlabs) and the special hashtag, #GoWithYourGut.

On National Go With Your Gut Day on September 23, post a photo or video of your favorite way to take care of your gut. Share your favorite healthy recipe, snap a photo of a smoothie, choreograph a dance that involves you flossing your teeth, anything goes! Tag #GoWithYourGut to make sure Randy sees it!

Unify Health Labs #GowithYourGut Sale

In the spirit of Go With Your Gut Day, Unify Health Labs is having a limited-time 25% off sitewide sale on standard priced items. Use the code GOGUT25 at checkout. It’s a great time to stock up on all of your favorite gut health-boosting products.

Follow the festivities of National Go With Your Gut Day via Instagram @UnifyHealthLabs and hashtag #GoWithYourGut, and for more information on Unify Health Labs, please visit unifyhealthlabs.com.

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