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Randy Jackson is a man of many talents. A world-renowned musician, singer, record producer, A&R executive, entrepreneur and more, he’s best known as the bass player for Journey, and as a judge and mentor on the hit television program, “American Idol.”

Randy was at the top of his game, enjoying incredible success in a number of industries, when he experienced a health crisis. Due to being overweight and living a demanding, fast-paced life, Randy discovered he was diabetic. He became committed to regaining his health, and that experience fueled his desire to help other people on the same journey.

Consulting a team of nutraceutical scientists and health professionals, Randy founded Unify Health Labs to fulfill his newfound passion: To help people get health and stay healthy.

To streamline and simplify the ‘health journey’, Unify creates multi-tasking supplements that combine powerful, effective ingredients to address specific health issues at the root. As Randy says, “Health is the new wealth,” – and he wants to help all achieve this.

What inspired you to start Unify Health Labs?

Some years ago… I think it was the third season of American Idol, I hadn’t been feeling well, and I ended up in the ER. The doctor ran some tests… and told me I had Type 2 diabetes. When I heard that, I was shocked. In fact, I was devastated.

randy jackson interview | Unify Health LabsYou never think it can happen to you. But it did. And I had to face the fact that I had an incurable disease. You can manage it… but there’s no cure.

So this was my wake up call. I was determined to get healthy. However, that was not going to happen overnight.

You see, by the time I was on American Idol, my health was in the worst shape it had ever been. I was carrying over 360 pounds on my 5’11” frame, and I was in terrible shape. 

My journey was long and far from easy… but, with the help of some marvelous people, I made it.

And let me tell you, as tough as it was, it was worth it. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt… and not just my physical health, but in mind, body, and spirit.

I was incredibly grateful. Now, I’ve truly been blessed by life, but, next to my children, getting healthy was the best thing that ever happened to me.

That’s when I found my new passion: helping other people get healthy, too. 

What was the greatest struggle you faced in your journey to get healthy?

(Randy laughs) There were more than a few. I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Down south, eating is a way of life. If it doesn’t taste good, we don’t touch it! And every meal is loaded with salt, sugar, butter, and lard! So if you grew up like me, switching to some of these “healthy” diets can be a colossal task.

Plus, I’d been living that rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle for years: staying up late, never having time to exercise, eating a diet that was as far from healthy as you can get, and generally over-indulging in just about everything.

randy jackson interview | Unify Health LabsBut even tougher than overcoming all that was simply getting the information I needed. I’m sure you’ve experienced it too.

You walk into a supermarket or health food store and there a literally thousands of supplements and vitamins. You have no idea what to take!

So you ask someone who works there, and hope they know… but it’s confusing. I asked one guy at the store what I should take to feel more energetic. He said 500 milligrams of Vitamin D. Then his co-worker jumped in and said, “No, you need five THOUSAND milligrams of Vitamin D.” And then another co-worker said, “No, you need Vitamin C, not D.”

It went on like that. Folks kept trying to load me up with dozens of different supplements and vitamins. They meant well, but no one agreed on what dose was the best… or even which supplement was actually effective for a particular health issue.

One of my main goals is to simplify things for people. “Oh, you want better digestion? Take one of these Multi-GI 5 supplements each day.” If you make it clear, quick, and easy for people, they have a much better chance of reaching their goals. 

You’ve made it to the top of several tough industries, as a musician, music producer & record company executive, and television personality. But how did you become “health guru”?

First, let me be clear… I’m not professing to be a health guru. I’m just like everyone else.

When I was trying to get my health back on the right track, I did a lot of reading. And I was always on the Internet, trying to get the latest and greatest information. It was a huge help, and I learned a lot… but like I said, sorting out all the options was tough.

And frankly, that’s where being on television, being a “celebrity,” if you will, really came in handy. Because one of the big advantages of being well-known is the access that comes with it.

I was able to talk with top health experts: physicians, nutritionists, fitness experts, biologists, and more. These were people I might never have heard about otherwise… let alone get a chance to meet.

They helped me a lot on my journey. And I wanted to share this expertise and information with as many people as possible. That’s why we put together the Unify Health Labs “Dream Team.”

What’s your goal with Unify Health Labs?

After going through what I went through… sifting through mountains of conflicting information… I didn’t want other people to have to do that.

So we created Unify Health Labs to simplify the process, and make it easy for everyone to pursue the healthiest, happiest life possible.

We — and when I say “we” I mean the Dream Team and myself — we are creating supplements that combine powerful nutrients to help heal specific health problems — and do it where they start!

Because we want to address problems at the root, instead of just dealing with symptoms.

The ultimate goal is to have a line of supplements that can help you, whatever the health issues you’re facing.

For example, one of our first is Multi-GI 5 for your digestion and gut health. If you’re having trouble with bloating, gas, poor indigestion, low energy, poor nutrient absorption, trouble with bowel movements and more… this is the supplement for you.

I wanted to start with Multi-GI 5 because one of the most important lessons I learned is this: Your digestion and gut health have a super impact on your overall health. To help people start off strong, we wanted to make sure their digestion and gut are working right.

If Unify Health Labs becomes as successful as your other ventures, what would you like to see it accomplish? What’s your vision? 

Of course, our main goal is helping people get healthy. I often say, “Health is the new wealth.”

And if you talk to someone who’s been unfortunate enough to lose their health… they’ll tell you they’d give every cent they have — and more — to get it back.  So helping people get healthy and STAY healthy is Goal #1.

Beyond that, I’d love to help children… especially in the area of childhood obesity. It’s become an epidemic in our country. And it sets kids up at a huge disadvantage in a lot of ways… most importantly, it presents a real threat to their current and future health.