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Walking 10,000 Steps A Day Benefits Over A Sedentary Life

Let’s start with the simple bottom line: Simply walking can provide some really great benefits. Striving to reach 10,000 steps per day may seem like a lot, but increasing physical activity in this way is both significant and attainable.  Let’s take a closer look at...

Exercise And Restorative Yoga For Stress Management

If you’ve turned to yoga for stress management, you’re in great company. Millions of people around the world practice yoga on a daily basis. This revered practice goes back thousands of years. It’s an incredibly effective way to not only find stress relief, but also...

Knee Friendly Cardio Workouts

Your knee is the largest joint in your body. After a lifetime of impact and wear, the majority of older people experience knee pain. It’s important to learn methods for managing knee health and strengthening the joint to make sure it remains strong and flexible.1 It’s...

Try These Low Calorie Foods That Keep You Full For Longer

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight by cutting your calorie intake, you may have experienced the common dieter's dilemma. You know you should be eating less, but you’re so insatiably hungry. Hunger can cause you to binge eat at your next meal or snack throughout the...

Different Uses For Coconut Oil And Its Potential Health Benefits

Coconut oil is a highly versatile product, with many potential beauty and health benefits. It can also be used cleverly around the house. Different uses for coconut oil include food, lip balm, leather conditioning, and many others. Tropical cooking oils like coconut...

Try This Gentle Morning Stretch Routine To Start Your Day Off Right

Starting a morning stretch routine is a simple, gentle way to start your day off right. Most of us know that it’s important to get some form of exercise in the morning. But actually getting out of bed and going on a run or hitting the gym can seem, well… hard. If you...